A Warrior Calls




Christopher James

Born:                   December 10th 1966
Weight:               5 lbs 12 ounce
Parents:               Mary and Jim
Sign:                   Sagittarius
Home:                 Burlington, Ontario
Status:                 Single [never married]
Children:             None that i know of


i, was born December 10th 1966 in Burlington Ontario to the most amazing mother and father [Mary & Jim].

i, have lived in Burlington for the majority of my life other than 7 years between London and Toronto.

Our family is extremely close with music playing a huge part for 40 years …writing/performing [drums & piano] became a passion at a young age. I was focused at 13 years of age on a career working in world class recording studios after my first taste of a real studio.  A dream that eventually became reality… even if it was for a short time….I was truly happy surrounded with so much love and support ALWAYS … without it…I would never be here today or the man I’ve become … i, am truly blessed.

My family means the world to me… anyone who causes wrong or harm to them deals with me and no matter how big the fight… how great the odds …i will not quit…i will not cower or walk away… i will get you!

As fate would have it my life’s work was moving forward with an incredible gift to this world… and then the wrong and harm occurred against my family…it was horrific… and still is…I’ve been numb for 20 years.

This is a core part of my being seeing how deeply rooted my soul is driven to fight for what is right and all that is good in this world… that has taken 20 plus years now drilling down to FIGHT with the TRUTH.

What I didn’t know was enormous TRUTH[s] were waiting… which began in 2001 and has taken 20+ years that followed to acquire, vet, understand the knowledge and then provide the solution.

So here i am… standing on a mountain of evidence calling out to my fellow man to gather and awake/ bear witness so together we enter the battlefield for the consciousness of man…a fight that we cannot loose.

I truly cannot believe I made it this far…. as a huge part of who I was has died under this enormous weight I’ve carried. While on the other hand… who I was born to be has now emerged to be a light for our world.

I’ve been given thru my own battles the truth and now is the time to ride out so to speak and face this evil head on….for I am not alone… I never have been as my heart knows there is something far greater going on.

The future of mankind truly hangs in the balance hence ‘A Warrior Calls’ was created. The website name took over a year to settle on…the words could not be more perfect surrounding all that is within me today.

So everyone who comes to this site is clear… this site was NOT created because a man is upset his life’s work/dream didn’t’ seem to work out… no….everything happened for a reason…this journey was by design for me… to endure and battle in order to get to the truth which my creator knew I would not stop to find.

Today… the way forward has been simply shown and presented to this world via this website.

Truth that I have acquired MUST be KNOWN deeply in the hearts, mind and soul of my fellow man/woman.

We must bring these truth’s into the light once and for all… for my fellow man and world…together we

WILL stop all of this enormous wrong and harm occurring…. especially against the children and the elderly.

Love, Respect and with Courage…

God Speed


i : Christopher James