A Warrior Calls



i, grow and make oil from cannabis which big Pharma & Corruption fear for it’s healing power.

Everyone can learn to grow/ make for themselves.

Take control of your life/health with knowledge for Family & friends and live a healthy life always.

Those who demonize cannabis for far too long… now see the world wake to the lies and deceit. We the people are taking back control and its’ about damn time [police are on notice].

i, speak from personal experiences proving doctors wrong in their treatments from a so called EDUCATION [a joke] of not being taught any history of natural or current remedies outside of their only offerings to horrific drugs, chemo…or surgery while medical breakthroughs [GcMAF] and other known cures [sepsis] intentionally kept hidden and people are dying!

Most importantly…NO man or woman requires a damn license to grow ANYTHING [FACT] Our bodies are PROPERTY… and no one can ‘administrate property without right!’


Here are a few powerful video links showing the world incredible FACTS as i claim be true…

Cannabis Warrior 1


Cannabis Warrior 2


Cannabis Warrior 3


Cannabis Warrior 4

Making Rick Simpson oil on a smaller scale.


Cannabis Warrior 5


Cannabis Warrior 6


Cannabis Warrior 7