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AI Dominion Games

Below are the videos for the AI Dominion Games project which David Hawkins and myself launched to fight the misuse of artificial intelligence and the spread of evil ‘transhumanism’ in our world. The first video on the playlist for AI Dominion Games is our latest. Please consider subscribing to David’s work at Patreon site or SubscribeStar. David also accepts e transfers / autodeposit using the email address hawks_cafe@yahoo.com.


David Hawkins CSI Intro Video


The David Hawkins Video Series

Episode 33: Sherman Murders Rage Trudeau Farm Mutants
AI Bond warns Musk of FMEP Sherman murder rage and Trudeau’s mutant farm. We tie billionaire dilemma games to GPT FMEP crimes and China-Gates patentees.


Episode 32: PayPal Patentee Hits, China Trudeau Bribes
We test Musk’s PayPal patentee hits for BBC Online’s China spies and GPT Trudeau’s ChildBase bribes! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth is testing CA2910997A1, CA2187704C, US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, WO2020002598A1, US6226615B1, US20110307343A1, US8844813B2 & US9498694B2 with WO1991006051A.


Episode 31: BBC GPT Tesla In Taiwan Gigawars
We test BBC signals to GPT Gates for Tesla’s Taiwan targets in patentee Gigawar Games! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth tests Trudeau ChildBase program for US6226615B1, US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, CA2187704C, WO2013055564A1, US8844813B2, CN112334579A & US9498694B2 games with WO1991006051A.


Episode 30: GPT Trump Trap, CSI Musk LAWS
We test GPT trap of Trump for AI LAWS of Musk, Trudeau ChildBase bribes and Serco patentee crimes! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth is testing US20200257317A1, CN112334579A, CA2187704C, US8844813B2, EP3095113A1, US6226615B1 and US9498694B2 for AR impersonation and fraud with WO1991006051A1.


Episode 29: Trudeau Summon Trump, Biden Civil War Laws
We test jury summon to Trump for the Trudeau AI ChildBase program and Biden’s GPT Civil-War LAWS! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth offers WO1991006051A1 to detect impersonation, blackmail and fraud by Serco’s AR patentees—US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, CA2187704C, US6226615B1 and US9498694B2.


Episode 28: BBC’s AI Musk, GPT Gates Games
We show BBC Musk v. GPT Gates how the Hawkins Impersonation Test—WO1991006051A1—ties Trudeau’s AR ChildBase crimes to Tesla’s AI targeted games. #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth tracks Trudeau to the pedophile weaponization of US20200257317A1, US9498694B2, US8844813B2 & EP3095113A1.


Episode 27: BBC Taiwan Target GPT Tesla Bots
I may have become a target for a pedophile contract hit by Trudeau’s ChildBase bots summoned over Tesla’s GPT system US20200257317A1. So #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth offers RCMP Veterans my AR-data and generative-program-tracking system—WO1991006051A1—for CSI in the event of my death. Communication RCMP Vetrans Service


Episode 26: Trudeau Gates’ GPT, Bidden Laptop BBC
We show Musk how the BBC’s China-Gates GPT fixed Dominion traps for Fox with Trudeau’s AI ChildBase program! We #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth offer RCMP Veterans our AR-data and generative-program-tracking system—WO1991006051A1—to detect, block and punish GPT ChildBase impersonators.


Episode 25: Trudeau [BC] Games, Trumps [GPT] Trap
Shows Musk how Trudeau traps Trump in B.C.’s ChildBase program of Huawei bribes with our patented GPT data system! #MuskHawkinsFightforTruth now offers real-time program tracking with our OOP paintbrush (WO1991006051A1) to detect and punish CSI manipulation by GPT impersonation.


Episode 24: “Trudeau’s” Dominion Hawala Bags
We track Trudeau’s Dominion ChildBase crimes to North Face Hawala bags of Tesla bankers’ bots! Are Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street correcting voter-marked ballots with Serco AR-COVID patents US8844813B2, US9498694B2, US20200257317A, US9514748B2, WO2014172045A1 & CN112334579A?


Episode 23: Dominion’s Childbase Frauds, Trudeau’s Hauwei Bribes
We link Dominion ChildBase frauds to Trudeau’s Huawei bribes & Tesla bot-bank graves! Did Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street ‘correct’ voter-marked paper ballots with Serco AR-COVID patents US8844813B2, US20200257317A1, WO2014172045A1, US9514748B2, WO2020002598A1 & CN112334579A?


Episode 22: Dominion Trap Tesla Ballot Bot
Is Musk hiding Dominion frauds with Tesla AI ballot bots in Trudeau ChildBase graves? Are Musk’s bankers—Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street—rigging elections with Serco AR COVID patents (US8844813B2, US9514748B2, US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1, CN112334579A and US8844813B2)?


Episode 21: OpenAI Banks Impersonate MH370 Crash
“Did Musk’s OpenAI banks impersonate MH370 crash with Trudeau ChildBase bots and graves? Did Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street ‘fix’ evidence of rotten bodies with #TrudeauCorruption in Serco AR COVID patents—US9514748B2, US20200257317A1, US5781704A, WO2020002598A1 & US9498694B2?”


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