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Episode 20: OpenAI Banks Impersonate Bin Laden
“Did Musk’s OpenAI banks impersonate bin Laden with Trudeau ChildBase bots and graves? Did Vanguard, BlackRock & State Street fix USS Carl Vinson sea burial to hide #TrudeauCorruption in Serco AR COVID patents—US9514748B2, US20200257317A1, US5781704A, WO2020002598A1 & US9498694B2?”


Episode 19: Trudeau’s Strangler Cult, Tesla’s Thuggee Graves
Tell Musk my ground #TruthGPT ties Trudeau stranglers’ ChildBase cult to Tesla bankers’ ‘Thuggee’ graves. Have BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street been ‘fixing’ CSI with Serco OpenAI and AR COVID patent frauds—US9514748B2, US5781704A, US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1 & US9498694B2?


Episode 18: Musk, Gates Impersonations  Trudeau Frauds
Do Musk and Gates impersonations tie Tesla’s COVID AI bot swarms to Trudeau’s ChildBase Epstein frauds? Are Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—hiding “Thuggee” crimes with Serco AR patents: US9514748B2, WO2020002598A1, US20200257317A1, US9498694B2 & WO2014172045A1?


Episode 17: Tesla’s Epstein Sherman Targets, Trudeau’s Childbase Strangler Games
“Did Gates use OpenAI bots as Tesla Epstein Sherman Targets (TEST) for Trudeau’s ChildBase strangler games? Are Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—hiding AR ‘hits’ with Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, US5781704A, US9498694B2, WO2020002598A1 & WO2014172045A1?”


Episode 16: Musk’s COVID Tesla Vectors, Trudeau’s Childbase Sherman Hits
“Did Musk target Shermans with COVID Tesla vectors in AR ChildBase Trudeau crimes? Did Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—take remote control of Sherman crime scenes with Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1, WO2020002598A1, WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B2?”


Episode 15: Musk’s COVID Summons, Trudeau’s Childbase Games
“Are Musk’s COVID-weapon summons driving Trudeau’s ChildBase-program AR games? Did Musk summon Tesla for Sherman contract hits? Are Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock—’fixing’ hits with Serco weapons patents: US20200257317A1 [V. Imp use of words “summon” and “target”], WO2014172045A1, US5781704 & US9498694B?”


Episode 14: Tesla Covid Profiles, Trudeau’s Childbase Mutants
“Is Musk mapping Tesla’s COVID profiles to Trudeau’s transfected ChildBase mutants? Did he fix Wuhan’s AR games as Tesla super-spread events? Are his bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—playing with Serco weapons patents CA3129725A1, US5781704, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2?”


Episode 13: Trudeau’s Childbase Blackmail, Covid Banker’s Games
Did Trudeau’s ChildBase blackmail program use Musk’s AI bot swarms to fix COVID bankers’ CSI? Are State Street, BlackRock & Vanguard vectoring Tesla into ‘transfected’ AR games? Can Musk drain the SWAMP of Serco woke-AI military patents CA3129725A1, WO2014172045A1 & US9498694B2? – Tweet sent 10:31am, Jan 10, 2023.


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