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JAN. 9th 2023 LIVE STREAM Pt 2 – We Will Not Tolerate Malfeasance


JAN. 5th 2023 LIVE STREAM – Covid Lie/ Trafficking/ Torture Convention


JAN. 2nd 2023 LIVE STREAM – Enemy Is Within


DEC. 22nd 2022 LIVE STREAM Pt 1 – Lies Lies and More Lies Exposed


DEC. 22nd 2022 LIVE STREAM Pt 2 – A Warrior Answers The Call


DEC. 19th 2022 LIVE STREAM – Warriors Will Stop This Evil


DEC. 15th 2022 LIVE STREAM – Covid Lie Crumbles The Solution Remains


DEC. 12th 2022 LIVE STREAM – This Evil Will Be Put Down


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