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MAY 22nd LIVE STREAM Pt 1 – People Remain Ignorant We Are In Big Trouble


MAY 22nd LIVE STREAM Pt 2 – Dr. Rima Laibow Exposes It All


Dr. Cowan Destroys Ignorant Doctors On World Stage Covid Exists – Wake Up!




Episode 32: PayPal Patentee Hits, China Trudeau Bribes
We test Musk’s PayPal patentee hits for BBC Online’s China spies and GPT Trudeau’s ChildBase bribes! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth is testing CA2910997A1, CA2187704C, US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, WO2020002598A1, US6226615B1, US20110307343A1, US8844813B2 & US9498694B2 with WO1991006051A.


April 13 2023 – The Villager, An Interview With Christopher James, A Warrior Calls


Episode 31: BBC GPT Tesla In Taiwan Gigawars
We test BBC signals to GPT Gates for Tesla’s Taiwan targets in patentee Gigawar Games! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth tests Trudeau ChildBase program for US6226615B1, US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, CA2187704C, WO2013055564A1, US8844813B2, CN112334579A & US9498694B2 games with WO1991006051A.


Episode 30: GPT Trump Trap, CSI Musk LAWS
We test GPT trap of Trump for AI LAWS of Musk, Trudeau ChildBase bribes and Serco patentee crimes! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth is testing US20200257317A1, CN112334579A, CA2187704C, US8844813B2, EP3095113A1, US6226615B1 and US9498694B2 for AR impersonation and fraud with WO1991006051A1.


Episode 29: Trudeau Summon Trump, Biden Civil War Laws
We test jury summon to Trump for the Trudeau AI ChildBase program and Biden’s GPT Civil-War LAWS! #MuskHawkinsGPTTruth offers WO1991006051A1 to detect impersonation, blackmail and fraud by Serco’s AR patentees—US20200257317A1, EP3095113A1, CA2187704C, US6226615B1 and US9498694B2.


MAR. 30th 2023 LIVE STREAM – The People Rise, We Will End This Evil