A Warrior Calls

BC Law Society Trespass


Christopher James vs Law Society of British Columbia


LTA Christopher James May 28th 2021

REDACTED – Lawyer, Gavin Hoekstra May 31st 2021

REDACTED – Registrar Letter British Columbia Superior Courts May 31st 2021


Living Testamony in the form of an Affidavit – Word Format

NOTE: The LTA was ONLY created to be used as evidence put on public record of unlawful conversion occurring when born…
The LTA in this matter and all LEGAL courts is ignored by BAR Members worldwide.
Christopher James does not support the LTA Paperwork after it has been proven ignored by all courts and UN doesn’t recognize it.
Christopher James has provided the simplicity of 3 questions not more mountains of words on a piece of paper that do nothing in the end.