A Warrior Calls

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Episode 7:  Pythonista Covid Kills
“Did Musk’s ‘Pythonista 9/11’ code tie Trudeau’s Covid program to ChildBase patent games? Do Trudeau-mentored bioweapons combine US7463937B2, US10910016B2, US20190307689A1 & US6166679A? Did Python AR sportsbook fix Wuhan body counts with US20070298871A1, US6904336B2 & US9498694B2?”


Episode 6: Agent of Chaos or A Force for Good?
“Did Musk’s ‘giga-sportsbook’ fund Trudeau’s Zero-Covid program with ChildBase patent frauds? Do China lock downs tie Wuhan ‘transfected’ AR games to US7463937B2, US20190307689A1 & US6166679A? Is Musk laundering Tesla carbon credits with US20070298871A1, US6904336B2 & US9498694B2?”


Episode 5: Combat Sportsbook Murders
“Is Musk liable for deaths due to a combat-sportsbook program of AI body-count games? Did he silence witnesses after Trudeau enforcers raided Starnet’s ‘hardcore’ Vancouver HQ? Did Serco use US6166679A, US9498694B2, US8088000B and US10000000B2 patents to hide WTC murders on 9/11?”


Episode 4: Firefighters’ 9/11 – The Cut


Episode 3: Hardcore Twitter Death


Episode 2: Tesla’s Fatal Twitter Traps


Episode 1: Correcting The Ballot