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Case #11 – Dale and Kaysha

Dale and Kaysha’s story…

Statement for People to Make Criminal Complaints AB

Instructions for above link: Here is the document for people to make a complaint. The evidence is attached to the file numbers that are in the document. It will tell you how to get the information from the RCMP file. If they have any statement to make related to the covid file they can or any of their own evidence, but we want them to make the other jurisdictions request the evidence from the Chestermere RCMP so that it gets pulled through the system. Once it is filed in CPIC they cannot get rid of it.


We need you for this… Final Notice. And here are 400 email addresses to send politicians to battle this evil.

NOV. 17th 2022 LIVE STREAM Pt 2 – Legal World Human Trafficking


Dale’s Testimony…


OCT. 6th LIVE STREAM – Torture Trafficking Treason


Recent March 27th 2023 – Fax to Matt Gaetz


Documents Added March 6th 2023

Email first, links/pdfs below it…

Dr. Zywiec,

I have attached the documentation as requested authorizing you to provide the documentation for criminal complaints in the state of Ohio and the State of New York. Authorization and permission has been granted to provide the Federal Bureau of Investigation the attached documentation for the criminal complaints outlined in the documentation.

I have included the CCO Kaysha Richardson in the communication as well. Provide file numbers to her as well in the event that she has further information to provide.

Lisa M. Aulerich, RN is also included as a witness who has provided documentation. She is authorized to add more documentation as well.

Dr. Zywiec you are authorized to use the intellectual property provided in this documentation owned by DSR Karis North Consulting Inc. (Karis North)  as evidence for the purposes of filing a complaint federally and in the state of Ohio and New York alongside the complaints filed by Karis North.

Instruct the federal agent to create agency assist files to create complaints at the state and city level in Ohio and New York.

Duplication of links was provided to ensure delivery of the attached documentation.

1) Letter of Authorization Dr Andrew DSR Karis North Consulting Inc Mar 6 2023 complaintS


Documents Added February 20th 2023
Draft noticeofappeal_Elsons Orders July 23 2020 Wsig page
Certified Service of CACV3798 Notice of Appeal
Public Access to Information Form 02-17-2023
Affidavit of Service Feb 17 2023 DSR Karis Consulting Inc SCC_S


Docs sent to Wash. DC/ Republican congressman Jim Jordan
Below are copies of transmissions of documentation sent to Representative Jim Jordan at his office in Washington D.C.. The information contained outlines how traitorous agents in Canada have assisted traitors in the United States to overthrow the government of the United States in the 2020 election. The engineering documents outlines the engineering behind the distribution of a biological weapon alleged to be COVID-19 that was used to interfere with the United States elections.

SRFax Delivery Notification Jan 17 2023 DSR Karis
SRFax Delivery Notification w Docs Jan 16 2023 Karis North



Supreme Court Leave to Appeal FCA A-183-22 Nov 20 2022S
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal FCA A-158-22 Nov 22 2022S (4)
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal CASK CACV3798 Nov 29 2022S (4)
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal CASK CACV3745 Dec 6 2022S (2)
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal CASK CACV4048 Vexatious Litigant Jan 2 2023S
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal CASK CACV4048 Vexatious Litigant DSR Karis Jan 2 2023S



Letter Sent To Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith Nov. 1st 2022 
Letter Sent To The Attorney General of Alberta Sept. 9th 2022
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal FCA A-183-22 Nov. 20 2022

Affidavit for SCC Leave to Appeal W Exh Nov. 18th 2022
Supreme Court Leave to Appeal FCA A-158-22 Nov 22th 2022


Letter Sent To RCMP and CSIS (Nov. 14th 2022)

Redacted CSIS Letter by Dale J Richardson Nov 14 2022 w Attachments


Court of Appeal Decisions (Oct. 18th 2022)

SCOA doc 1
SCOA doc 2
SCOA doc 3
SCOA doc 4
Email to The Court of Appeal (Saskatchewan) Sept. 7 2022 *

Links to Affidavits filed…

Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 Exhibit D Update 1
Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 Exhibit D Update 2
Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 Exhibit D Update 3
Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 Exhibit D Update 4
Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 Exhibit D Update 5
Affidavit filed Sept. 16th 2022 KB 1701-17295



Chris Redact Evidence Registrar Communication Nov. 5th 2020

Chris Redact Collins v Slack FBWPSA November 5th 2020

Chris Redact C v S FBWPSA

Chris Redact Full Registrar Communication November 20th 2020

Chris Redact Christopher Communication to Acting Justices November 20th 2020

A-221-21_20220923_D_E_O_OTT – Court of Appeal Sept. 3rd 2022


Other Documents Uploaded…

Motion to adduce New Evidence CACV3708 February 16th 2021

Habeas Corpus Supreme Canada Leave 210616 signed

Certified Transmission of Authorization letter July 25th 2022

Affidavit for Sept 2 2022

NOTICE OF APPEAL Justice Barnes Orders Oct 2020 Amended Sept 11 2022

Application for Intervention Filed Sept 21 2022 KB 1701-17295

Letter to the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan Sept 21 2022 W Attachments_1

RCMP Complaint of Rooke’s Intimidation for Criminal Complaints 09 28 2022 Redacted

Motion for Mandamus and Prohibition CACV4048 (002)

Hearing Notice – Mr. Richardson October 3rd 2022

Notice Pursuant to Rule 46.3(1) October 3rd 2022


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Kaysha’s Testimony…