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August 26th 2021: Christopher James with Christine Massey. Christine Massey joins Christopher James to discuss the concrete evidence that the virus has never been isolated. COVID 19 SARS 2 is a lie.

August 23rd 2021: People Exposing the RCMP and the Corrupt Courts. We have 3 amazing people standing up for the people with the massive corruption with Covid and corrupt RCMP/Courts. Brit, Nick and Dave expose the massive corruption by RCMP and their ignorance and malfeasance occurring across this country.

August 19th 2021: Max Igan Part 1 / Muki Update LTA Part 2. Max Igan joins Christopher James for Part 1 of a powerful discussion on our world and the solution with common law. Part 2 Muki returns also from Australia with updates on LTA and LRS for the people to correct trespass when born and after. This is a very important discussion for everyone to hear and know that the light is coming for this evil we will not fail!

August 16th 2021: Charles Zack of National Firearms Association. Charles Zach is an amazing man who KNOWS the truth surrounding law abiding gun owners. This is a great discussion and education for people who are ignorant about guns… while addressing the massive deceit all around us by design. Gun owners have been under constant attack ALSO by design to strip the people of all rights… no more.

August 12th 2021: Decorated Pilot Locked Up And Injected. Tony Ledsham a Decorated Canadian Pilot was horrifically trespassed on for reporting to police a serious matter on children’s care near him… instead he was arrested locked up in a mental ward and fought to get out and now is telling his story of the massive corruption with these law enforcement services.

August 9th 2021: Christopher James on Patrick King’s Court Case. Massive Truth is brought to the light…our world must wake and wake quickly. Covid Corruption exposed globally and actions against we the people. We also address Patrick King the patriot in Canada court Filings and clear the air what really happened.

August 5th 2021: Horrific Trespass Against A Man Driving A Truck. Andrew Kwasnicki is a courageous man who KNOWS the truth surrounding Covid 19 it’s a global lie. You will learn this man has over $70k in corrupt fines for simply NOT wearing a mask when he is driving in his truck!

August 2nd 2021: Dr. Sam White Fighting Tyranny In The UK. Sam White is standing up and fighting tyranny in the UK for the people of the UK.

July 29th 2021: Retired OPP Officer Has Epic Message For Police. This must be shared far and wide to all police detachments. We have a crisis in consciousness… we have all been lied to. Vince Gircys is a Veteran of 32 Years with the OPP. He calls out all police retired and active to DO YOUR DUTY and HONOR YOUR OATH.

July 26th 2021: Sheriff Mack – Message to All Law Enforcement. Sheriff Mack Joins Christopher for an Epic broadcast to all law enforcement worldwide. This is what a REAL man looks like who understands God Law is supreme and the Oath he and all officers take is sacred and stands above all man made rules.

July 22nd 2021: Rule of Law is Gone – Time to Restore Common Law. A look at what’s going on in New Zealand and how I have been labeled by the BAR and the mainstream media. Plus more.

July 15th 2021: Update On Manary Case. The Manary Family Trespass has exposed them all. This is a follow up presentation to update all on the vast corruption now laid bare. We will restore their property and massive loss due to theft by top people at the service corporation known as ONTARIO.

July 14th 2021: Epic Court Hearing For Our World. This is an epic moment for our world… The world is waking as quickly as it can the people to massive truth… It is in this moment we must not waiver in our commitment to each other… We must step away from all our acting roles and simple see the enemy… The Enemy is ignorance… which light shatters now coming forth… We must have this simple conversation on mass.

July 12th 2021: Christopher James with a Live Update. Christopher James is back from a 2 week hiatus with updates and powerful truths our world must learn.

June 25th 2021: Nobody Gonna tell Me How To Live. One truth will save our world and it will put an end to the corruption on all levels when we take back our courts and reestablish de jure common law courts that recognize The People and our God-given Natural Rights.

August 24th 2021: Dr. Sam White from the UK fights back. This show was prerecorded on June 19th.

June 17th 2021: Mothers and Sons Terrorized by RCMP. Massive corruption exposed.

June 16th 2021: David Hawkins Exposes Trudeau and the Evil. David Hawkins is back with an update on what’s going on.

June 14th 2021: man vs The LAW SOCIETY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. Our Public Courthouses Are Corrupted by BAR Members.

June 10th 2021: Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit. Muki from Australia lays bare… the BAR is toast.

June 9th 2021: The People Are Banding Together To Fight With Common Law.

June 7th 2021: The Common Law Commeth

June 3rd 2021: Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live

June 2021: QN Freedom International Live – Group Conversation. “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

June 2nd 2021: Christopher James Brings More Light

May 31st 2021: Epic Battle – Mankind Awakes, As Do Police. This is an epic broadcast with a man who just quit his job acting as a police man. Nathan Lynchuk knew in his heart and soul something was very wrong… He stood his ground and remains standing with the people in truth and love to correct the record.

May 27th 2021: Muki From Australia Brings The Light. This powerful discussion with Muki from Australia who launched the first Assembly for the people under common law. Christopher and Muki drill down on the details now as this fight is quickening all around us and never before has it been so important for mankind to have the truth and use it or this race of man is finished.

May 26th 2021: CoVID Lies/Mother Fights in Common Law Court and Wins!! The family courts are exposed for their massive corruption against we the people. A young woman stops these corrupt Magistrates administrating property without right. The gig is up for the bar… it is a criminal organization now being exposed worldwide and the people are coming.

May 24th 2021: CoVID-19 Lies and Powerful LTA Review. Christopher James reviews in depth the LTA now coming forth in our world. This is one a a few core actions required to stop the repugnant and corrupt bar from massive corruption against we the people occurring every again in our public courthouses.

May20th 2021: Epic Aussie Court Fight For The People. Bodene and Simone two courageous and awake woman fight the massive corrupt BAR members and their Courts.

May 19th 2021: The Truth Will Not Be Stopped!!

May 17th 2021: Australian People Fight Back with LTA. Bodene and Simone and Muki are a bright light to the people of Australia. The Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit for ALL in Australia has been finalized. This document it DEATH to the BAR… a repugnant and corrupt society that will be liquidated once and for all.

May 13th 2021: Christopher James with guest Ken Hughes. Ken Hughes is a very special man who has beat cancer many times and helped others with knowledge the people are not to know… He has been attacked by corrupt cops [OPP] and Courts with BAR members trying to stop him from said truths to lock him up for over 20 years. This is what the world needs to simply hear… the TRUTH to take back control of our health and bodies… we do not need Doctors once you understand the basics truths.

May 12th 2021: Mankind Was Enslaved by a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

May 10th 2021: This is a powerful interview with Dolores Cahill. The world MUST see this and KNOW the truth on what is happening to us all by design. We have all been lied to… there is NO pandemic and NO virus running wild… it’s all one big LIE.

May 6th 2021: The world must hear this massive truth of evil occurring. Dr. Sherri Tenpanny is another courageous woman who fights for this world. This must be seen, shared and understood worldwide as we are in grave danger.

May 5th 2021: Christopher James brings back Dr. Judy Mikovits for another eye-opening interview following the first anniversary of Plandemic, her 22-min documentary which was originally released worldwide on May 4th. 2020. Exposing the vaccine agenda and the vested interests behind it, Plandemic went viral generating millions of views before being removed from all major platforms.

May 3rd 2021: Medical Professionals come out and expose the massive lies surrounding the CoVID-19 fraud being perpetrated on the people of the world.

April 29th 2021: Christopher James with guest David Straight who brings the light and exposes the BAR and the corrupt court system.

April 26th 2021: The CoVid-19 lie further exposed and lots more… Trudeau spends 240 billion on the pandemic and won’t tell Canadians where that money went. Dr. Michael Yeadon clip (former Pfizer VP).

April 22nd 2021: Christopher James has Mak Parhar on for updates on his case. Plus some information on what’s coming up in the world regarding the scamdemic and the lies surrounding it.

April 21st 2021: Christopher James with guest Dr. Tom Cowan. Dr. Tom Cowan…. is a warrior….very courageous exposing the Virus Lie Covid -Sars 2 has all been one big lie… everything is going to come crashing down. This is a wonderful interview with a man who keeps it real simple for the world to understand.

April 19th 2021: Christopher James with guest David Hawkins who exposes the massive corruption surrounding the Trudeau and Gates families.

April 15th 2021: More on the Parhar court and the BAR response. Plus, exposing the harm the vaccine is doing and the lies the media is feeding the people.

April 14th 2021: Parhar Court Fights Corruption – Recorded at Public Courthouse This is the truth the world needs to see RIGHT NOW… ONCE the people wake up and realize WHO the enemy is and all they are using against us is the ‘Rules of Civil Procedure’ or the ‘Supreme Court Civil Rules’ the law [liar] society acts under. It does not apply to We The People as everyone will hear directly from the court audio recorded and on the public record.

April 12th 2021: The Parhar Court. Further information exposing the BAR. We are fighting back tic toc tic toc

April 8th 2021: BAR Fight Went Down… BAR 0 – People 1 First Enemy…. the BAR [private society of parasites feeding off the people’s ignorance… the BAR NOW EXPOSED today… Christopher James begins the exposure of the Parhar Court… Sekulvoski Court in Ontario is the other common law court nailing the BAR to the wall exposing it all for the people!

April 7th 2021: Police Start To Wake Up / Q & A with Christopher This is not a drill the people are fighting back powerfully and in our public courthouses now… First Enemy…. the BAR [private society of parasites feeding off the peoples ignorance]… the BAR WAS EXPOSED … The Parhar Court has exposed it all now.

April 5th 2021: Affidavit Truths and More On COVID-19 Tyranny Christopher James brings Affidavit knowledge and more covid tyranny into the light Real time battle with the BAR [law society members] on multiple fronts as people’s court [property] under attack. The Police are involved and fully aware now the ‘rules of civil procedure’ DO NOT apply to we the people. This is our moment…. the world must see and learn the BAR is a criminal society. We have them now exposed and we will not stop until they are removed from our public courthouses.

April 1st 2021: Dr. Andrew Kaufman No Virus Exists and Common Law Wins Dr. Andrew Kaufman blows the doors of the COVID LIE… THERE IS NO VIRUS… PERIOD WE ARE ALL BEING LIED TOO. This is a wonderful discussion with Andrew on the global lie and his own use/knowledge of Common Law. This video needs to be seen my millions of doctors to show them the way forward powerfully.

March 31st 2021: Massive Truth Now Commeth Christopher James brings massive truth into the light on covid lie. Real time battle with the BAR [law society members] on multiple fronts as people’s court [property] under attack. The Police are involved and fully aware now the ‘rules of civil procedure’ DO NOT apply to we the people. This is our moment…. the world must see and learn the BAR is a criminal society. We have them now exposed and we will not stop until they are removed from our public courthouses.

March 29th 2021: Carrie Madej Huge Truth – Massive Death Coming From The Vaccine This interview must go viral – huge truth, humanity is being taken down. Dr. Carrie Madej blows the roof off the corruption and the LIES our world is being fed… the stream was attacked many times only proving we are over the target people….and the system is scared knowing we are coming!

March 25th 2021: Christopher James Update With Knowledge Christopher James has updates and shares further required knowledge… This is a real time battle with the BAR on multiple fronts as our court claims [property] is under attack. The Police are involved and fully aware now the ‘rules of civil procedure’ DO NOT apply to we the people. This is our moment… the world must see and learn the BAR is a criminal society. We have them now exposed and we will not stop until they are removed from our public courthouses.

March 24th 2021: Chris Sky Huge Truth and Paul [Pablo] Proves No Drivers License Required Chris Sky Joins us with a HUGE Update Pablo [Paul] Shows man or woman DO NOT require a driver license, insurance or ID. Witness a real interaction with Police and it ends with the officer asking to get together for a coffee/provides his email to learn more which shows that there are some great people in law enforcement who understand the TRUTH.

March 22nd 2021: That Is Not Common Law and Court Case Updates Christopher James addresses common law and important Court Updates.

March 18th 2021: Alfonse and Christopher Lay Path To Truth Alphonse Faggiolo and Christopher James huge truths to fight back against trespass inside our public courthouses. The time for truth is now… the time for action already begun…. time to suit up with your armor of god [knowledge].

March 17th 2021: Enormous Truth Exposed Christopher James brings forth huge truths on Covid LIE our world must know… Top Doctors are finally stepping forth and telling the world WE ARE ALL BEING LIED TOO.

March 15th 2021: Update on the COVID-19 Fraud Christopher James brings some huge truths our world must know… Dr. Sherri Tenpenny lays out powerful truth in 10 mins we must stop vaccinations.

March 11th 2021: Knowledge and Common Law Win Again Amazing Broadcast A woman with knowledge and using common law once again stop trespass by police. Monique and her Husband join us for wonderful insight to what is going on in part 1… Then Adam Skelly returns for update and runs the show as Christopher’s connection to his show is attacked during Adam discussion….hmmmm wonder why that has happened… we are OVER THE TARGET BIG TIME PEOPLE! THERE IS AN AMAZING TRICK THAT WILL BLOW YOU MIND AT THE END… JUST WATCH… AMAZING.

March 10th 2021: Two courageous women Bodene and Simone return for a follow up and pictures of there horrific trespass by people acting as Australian Police who do not protect and serve. These woman have hearts of lions and the fight now is only beginning we need to awake the entire country to the truth these woman are bringing forward for their fellow man and country. (This is Part 2).

March 8th 2021: Two great men…. both Tattoo Titans standing up for the people in UK [Aron Walton] and in Canada [Jamie Russo]…both join Christopher James in a deep discussion of the power of common law and using it in real time to stop trespass from ANY man or woman acting for ANY service corporation or any fellow man or woman ignorant of law.

March 5th 2021: A great man standing up for the people in UK is Aron Walton… he joins Christopher James in a deep discussion of the power of knowing WHO we are in law [not legal] and the ‘rules of civil procedure’ used against the people do NOT apply. Here is the link to Aron’s Telegram Page.

March 4th 2021: Two incredible women (Bodene & Simone) fight back against a corrupt Court System and THUGS who call themselves police who do not protect and serve but are ignorant of law and the duty they have to their oaths… fantastic court action showing we the people are done taking their crap… the common law is alive and well in Australia and the people there all need to unite behind these two courageous women.

March 3rd 2021: All Police Need To Watch We have enormous truth exposing the COVID 19 LIE… the gig is up for these people in government and health ministers they are all going to be held accountable under Nuremberg Trials and let the hangings begin once found GUILTY! This is a wonderful discussion with lots of knowledge shared for our world to face and stop all this corruption.

March 1st 2021: Christopher James Brings Required Knowledge This is a wonderful discussion with lots of knowledge shared information for our world to see and act upon to stop all this corruption.

February 27th 2021: Short Clip Of Judy Mikovits Speaking At The Calgary Freedom Rally

February 27th 2021: Short Clip Of Christopher James Speaking At The Calgary Freedom Rally

February 25th 2021: People With Truth Won’t Back Down The people are given enormous truth… the people who act as Judges are not exposed for the world to see the rules of civil procedures will take the BAR down once and for all… it’s time the people learn our public courthouse is the solution we restore the rule of law [common] for the people and get these parasites called BAR members into a real court and see Justice served.

February 22nd 2021: Powerful Truths And The Nuremberg Trials Commeth The truth continues to come forth…. this is another fast paced packed stream to help my fellow man wake up. Arm yourself with Knowledge and let truth take care of the rest.

February 18th 2021: For ALL Peace / Police Officers – A MUST Watch

February 17th 2021: People Stop Police and By-Law Officers From Trespassing People are using the truth simply and honorably to stop trespassing by people ACTING for service corporations [police/ city]. The Police are ignorant willfully and we do not tolerate it ever…. put them all on Notice: Liability lawfully and honorably. This is what the people and their property [business] in the world need to be doing to stop this ignorance in law. Arm yourself with Knowledge and let truth be your spear.

February 15th 2021: Powerful Truths People Can Hear Christopher James updates on cases with Powerful Truths now coming to the light …. the world must wake…. we must all wake it now it’s not a game.

February 11th 2021: Trump Won, Obama Caught Stealing $400 Million The world must watch this interview with Maria Strollo Zack – We have the evidence Obama stole $400 million. The election was hacked by military satellites in a foreign country – Italy. This is war against the world – we have the criminals in our sites.

February 8th 2021: Corrupt Judges – Trespass After Trespass On The Case Christopher James sharing updates on current court corruption seen worldwide now. We the people have the truth… the ‘RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE do NOT apply to we the people… This is how our public courthouses have been corrupt for over 150 years and it is now time we end it and the BAR! This is a continuance expose on the corruption occurring right now on multiple common law courts established by the people.

February 4th 2021: Common Law Courts Under Attack Huge exposure on the insight of our public courthouses under attack by BAR members. Two of our fellow man are undertaking the fight for our freedom right now…. the Sekulovski Court and the Parhar Court.

February 3rd 2021: Adam Skelly Fights Back Against Tyranny We have a man Adam Skelly from Adamson Barbeque fighting the tyranny against the people and he stands shoulder to shoulder with Christopher James. Great discussion and further massive exposure by multiple doctors worldwide are outing the fraud as well and… DO NOT GET THE VACCINE, IT WILL KILL YOU! …NUREMBERG TRIALS ARE COMING.

February 1st 2021: Pastor Power – Courts Are Totally Corrupt Job 32 – 21 It’s right there for the world to see… King James bible they are removing this from web based bibles. Pastor Artur Pawlowski is exactly what a man should be who loves his fellow man and world. A light is very bright within this man… and it’s time that light was in all of you.

January 28th 2021: The Fight Is On At Our Public Courthouses The people show the world how we access our public courthouse properly outside of the BAR a private society that ONLY DEALS in a LEGAL world…that which is INCORPORATED [also a legal person when a man or woman acts as a legal person]…. that is ALL the legal world deals in… it doesn’t apply to a man or woman or people that is a Lawful world… and the people are not to know this and why our world is in the state it is in.

January 27th 2021: Powerful Exposure Trespass Against Mak Parhar This is a powerful exposure of the trespass occurring against we the people by our employees. The BAR and its society are shown for their dishonor and corruption that is also rampant and occurring around the world. Mak Parhar is a man who has had his life horrifically trespassed upon having hurt no man or woman nor breach of contract. What is finally exposed is our public courthouses are by design a place of massive deceit requiring a hard reset by the people.

January 25th 2021: A Great Man – Kevin J Johnston – Fights For Justice Kevin J Johnston Joins Christopher James and exposes MASSIVE corruption. Kevin is shown the power of common law and the BAR is toast once the people all know what has and is being done to people. This is a fast paced discussion both men are on fire with knowledge this is one the people of Canada and world don’t want to miss.

January 21st 2021: Powerful Truth Court Corruption This is a powerful sharing of knowledge exposing the BAR and its private society as corrupt to the core with remedy to address all the LEGAL proceedings which do NOT APPLY to a man or woman…. real time court actions that will save our world exposing it all.

January 20th 2021: How The People Fight Back Lawfully This stream is for my fellow man and woman to learn some powerful foundational truths in law [common]. Now is the time the people must rise up and put an end to all the lies and deceit destroying mankind. We don’t need Donald Trump or another other man or woman to get this done… we just need to give the people truth.

January 18th 2021: A Great Moment Is Before Mankind… Truth Time to armor up people… with knowledge to the solution. Christopher James drills down on the power of 4 questions… that’s it. Once understood, it stops all this corruption quickly accessing our courthouses lawfully … not legally.

January 14th 2021: We Have A Man In The House Christopher James welcomes Christopher Sky to share his knowledge backed by actions to KNOW what it means to be a man. Truth is most beautiful when it is known through experience and this man knows how to walk the walk and protect his fellow man.

January 13th 2021: Powerful Knowledge Stops 6 Cops And 3 By-Law Twits A powerful live stream showing a man shut down 6 cops and 3 by-law officers. The second half has Tammy and Tiffany returning with an update on taking down massive corruption in Calgary, Canada.

January 11th 2021: Covid-19 Exposed – People And Businesses Fight Back Again the Covid Lie is fully exposed and people are now given the power to fight back in our public courthouses and against these corrupt people acting for governments. Christopher is joined in this 1st part with Vladislav Sobolev and Dermot from Hugs Over Masks and also www.weareallessential.ca helping businesses fight back. The common law brought forth is helping them in all they are doing. The 2nd part of this stream you will meet an elderly couple under attack by these corrupt service corporations [government] who are helping people with nowhere to go. Here the world will see how we respond to such trespasses and lawfully put public servants on notice or they are liable.

January 7th 2021: The Most Powerful Live Stream To The World The world must finally know we have the Truth… we must stand as one… we ride out the fight… one Truth is our light… we will not live in fear… for the time has drawn near… for mankind is not clear… now is the time… for everyone to learn a simple truth.

January 6th 2021: Part 2 – Q & A Powerful Truths Under Way To Save Our World Part 2 of a powerful live stream to help my fellow man fight back against this evil. Christopher James brings the light once again powerfully to fast track his fellow man to knowledge with the solution!

January 6th 2021: Part 1 – Powerful Truths Under Way To Save Our World This is a huge broadcast in real time with actions against the people and the people fighting back. You will learn of an enormous coup de ta against Donald trump going right up to the Vatican… with Italy Judge ordering investigations. There is a powerful light coming from all over this earth from people of many professional backgrounds with TRUTH and are now seeing the Common law being implemented as the way forth.

January 4th 2021: Explosive Truths Are Exposed And Shown To The World Christopher James showing the power of knowledge backed by actions. We have the entire corrupt system now up against the wall… it’s time we the people together finish this evil. Also, a follow up with Tammy and Tiffany the souls sisters with courage and bearers of the light – bringing massive truths to the light.

December 28th 2020: Ticketed By Ignorant Public Servants This live stream is for the world to see… this is how we address trespass by ignorant public servants. A man from Quebec Canada comes forth with tyranny occurring and mass ticketing by ignorant and corrupt police agents. We also have two beautiful and courageous woman who filmed a horrific trespass by ignorant police again giving them tickets. We then drill down on the communications that go to the top people also ignorant at these ‘service corporations’ and put them in their place and on notice: liability.

December 24th 2020: Chief Justice of Canada and 2 Governor Generals Served and Expose History being made… never in this country have these corrupt people been served claims of malfeasance. This world must see this for the same people exist in the same positions worldwide. It’s time they are all exposed and held accountable… the common law is real and they are terrified!! Now we will route out the BAR… wipe it off the face of the earth!!

December 21st 2020: Covid-19 Lies Q & A – Powerful Truth Covid-19 Lies and 1 hr. of Questions and Answers with Christopher James.

December 14th 2020: Live Stream for December 14th This live stream was attacked starting in the afternoon 8 hours before the broadcast… WE ARE OVER THE TARGET.

December 7th 2020: The Light Is Coming A powerful update on multiple fronts how this light of truth is now coming forward and discussing the corruption of these repugnant service corporations [Government].

December 3rd 2020: A Warrior Calls Live Stream – The Nuremberg Trials This is live stream recorded with Christopher James exposing the lies and deceit surrounding Covid 19 and fighting back with knowledge including the Nuremberg Code to protect people from these tyrannical corrupt so called “leaders’ of service “Corporations’ masquerading as our lawful governments… which they are NOT!

December 1st 2020: A Warrior Calls Meets The Line This live stream is with A Warrior Calls Christopher James following up on his court actions with new info and we meet and discuss with Lamont from ‘The Line’ their wonderful actions to bring attention to our country of the seriousness of what colossal lies are all over the world on Covid 19 for us all to address.

November 30th 2020: A Warrior Calls 8pm Live Stream This gathering drills down on recent actions with “Sekulovski Court’… ‘Parhar Court’ and Adamson Barbecue court actions underway. Our world stands at the edge of our creation either moving forward and our race will parish under this massive evil bearing down on our world.

November 26th 2020: The People Are Waking Up Adamson barbecue restaurant defied lock down orders for two days that drew the wrath of Doug Ford the biggest corrupt man in the Ontario Governments history who is about to be taken down with truth exposing his lies and corruption all around him.

November 23rd 2020: A Warrior Calls with Mak Parhar Court Follow Up This is another real time interview with Mak Parhar who is battling this evil using the common law and knowledge against a completely corrupt judiciary that is now…..FINALLY being exposed to the world once and for all.

November 19th 2020: Huge Truth Court Fight – Update For Our World This is the moment the world must see…. a man has established a common law court first time in over 150 years.

November 17th 2020: Public Courthouses Exposed for Massive Fraud Live Stream Mak Parhar is a man who has been horrifically trespassed upon being terrorized then kidnapped, put in jail for 4 days and his family had no idea what was going on or where he was only to learn of the massive fraud occurring not only against Mak… but against all the people.

November 12th 2020: A Warrior Calls Live Stream Mak Parhar is a man who has been horrifically trespassed upon being terrorized then kidnapped, put in jail for 4 days and his family had no idea what was going on or where he was only to learn of the massive fraud occurring not only against Mak… but against all the people. So we fight back with correct claim and court established ‘Parhar Court’ this is what every man and woman needs to be doing right now.

November 8th 2020: Urgent Message Live Stream The ‘rules of civil procedure’ do NOT apply to we the people created by a repugnant society called the BAR… and THIS is what is being used to block we the people from moving courts and claims against millions of corrupt public servants working for local, provincial or state or federal service corporations [Governments]. Right now this truth is before the top people in canada responsible for insuring our public courthouses are functioning correctly and NOT obstructing justice.

November 1st 2020: OUR MOMENT IS NOW – PEOPLE MUST RISE We have the truth…. we are moving the truth forward in real time now at our local public courthouse… join me for a follow up on the Sekulovski Court… Small business man named Time [water shop], We the people vs Google Nov 2nd 2020 and a great drill down from Bill Majcher past RCMP officer also blows the lid off the enemy of this world which is the BAR [lawyers] time to liquidate these repugnant corrupt society once and for all! Our world is under attack… and it all comes down to… ‘The Rules Of Civil Procedure”…. they DON’T apply to a man or woman.

October 16th 2020: A Warrior Calls Friday 8pm Live Stream

October 9th 2020: A Warrior Calls Friday 8pm Live Stream

October 1st 2020: A Warrior Calls Live Stream – Mass Corruption Exposed This is a live stream drilling down on several core truths on common law as well as actual case work showing the Ozelie Caissie trespass of a 93year old woman by RCMP terrorizing her and her family for 20 years… this is why i.. do what i.. do… to right horrific wrong occurring. This is one of the most disgusting cases of abuse against elderly people.

September 26th 2020: A Warrior Calls Saturday 4pm Live Stream This is an ongoing series in real time exposing massive corruption in our public courthouses using real time case work. Here we drill down on the Sekulovski Court and the lawyers administrating property without right. The knowledge and truth being shared if for our world to finally see.

September 17th 2020: A Warrior Calls Thursday 8pm Live Stream This is a huge broadcast introducing Michael Sekulovski who has stood up for the entire country and together we are going to not only expose the BAR [lawyers] but see it liquidated into oblivion. This will show the process and fight we have been dealing with lawyers and it all comes down to ONE FACT…. ‘the rules of civil procedure’ DO NOT apply to a man or woman or people… this is a huge moment to share with our brothers and sisters finally exposing the BAR and our corrupted public courthouses simply and powerfully.

September 12th 2020: A Warrior Calls Saturday 4pm Live Stream

September 3rd 2020: A Warrior Calls Thursday 7pm Live Stream

August 27th 2020: A Warrior Calls Thursday Night Live Stream

August 20th 2020: A Warrior Calls Thursday Night Live Stream

August 13th 2020: A Warrior Calls Live Stream

August 6th 2020: A Warrior Calls Live Stream with Christopher