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Episode 12: Tesla’s Boomerang Virus, Trudeau AR Sherman Games
“Did a Tesla boomerang virus hide the Sherman murderers in a Trudeau AR deadbeat-hit game? Did Tesla drivers summon players to Trudeau’s program for ‘transfected’ murder witnesses in a ChildBase SWAMP of Serco woke-attack-mind patents—CA3129725A1, WO2014172045A1 and US9498694B2?”- Tweet sent 9:56 PM January 2, 2023.


Episode 11: Deadbeat Parents In AR Suicide Games
“Don’t know Ghislaine at all,” wrote in July 2020. “She photobombed me once at a Vanity Fair party several years ago (2014).” Question is why [Vanity Fair] invited her in first place … claims now in doubt .. staffer at the soirée took notes on the conversation, the two had a whole chat about aliens, humans living in a simulation, and scrubbing oneself from the internet. 


Episode 10: Patent Thicket Tracking of Khashoggi Witnessed Hit
“Did Serco’s 3PL hit teams kill Khashoggi with a ‘woke-mind virus’ in Trudeau AR games? Did Serco’s patent thickets program hide Trudeau’s transfected-ChildBase witnesses? Is Serco ‘fixing’ CSI with GB1902082.5A, CA3129725A1, WO-2014172045-A1, US9498694B2, US6166679A & US20070298871A1?”


Episode 9: Sherman Ambushed by Woke
“Murder suicide Toronto “police sources”. Detective at scene no “outstanding suspects.” Autopsy showed markings on the Shermans’ wrists revealed bound while alive. Thin ligature marks around necks, under the belts holding them in a seated position beside their swimming pool. Belts used to stage, not kill them.”


Episode 8: Sherman Silent Signal Noise
“Are Musk’s ‘noisy’ AI bots hiding Sherman murders in a Trudeau game of Covid LAWS? Did Musk patentors target cities with ‘transfected’ Tesla weapons and ChildBase blackmail programs? Do 6M Covid deaths link WO-2014172045-A1, CA3129725A1, US6166679A, US9498694 and US20070298871A1?”


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