A Warrior Calls

Case #10 – Gabriel Proulx


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For the world PDF filed by Police Officer with iron clad evidence.

Notice: TrespassFiled by an Gabriel Proulx (OPP Constable)

Police Service Act HearingOPP Constable Charged with “Discreditable Conduct”

REDACTED Notice Trespass OPP File No. 2545021-0051 Sept. 13th 2021

New* September 23 2021 Meeting at Detachment

REDACTED Mike Bickerton Notice Trespass File No. 2545021-0051 Sept. 16th 2021

REDACTED Response to John Hatch Detachment Commander File No. 2545021-0051 Sept 22nd 2021

New* Redacted Notice Trespass 2nd Appearance File 2545021-0051 October 12th 2021

New* Gabriel Communication October 15th 2021 to Charles

New* Notice Malfeasance October 15th 2021 Redacted


Warriors Are Gathering


SEPT. 13 2021 Police Shown An Evil


Deep State FAILS to Block FULL Interview – LISTEN TO IT ALL NOW!


Sept. 28th – A “Bench Clearing” Brawl


SEPT. 16th LIVE STREAM – The Fight Is On! Police Standing w/ A Warrior Calls


Sept. 15th – Christopher James and Gabriel Proulx w/ Scott McKay


Sept. 14th – Christopher James and Gabriel Proulx on The SGT Report