A Warrior Calls

Trespass Case #1






“An action of a judge, which relates not to his office, is of no force”

“He is guilty of barratry who for money barters justice”

“To a judge who exceeds his office no obedience is due”

“All things are to be presumed against a wrong doer”

“A multitude of ignorant persons destroys a court”

“Justice is not to be denied, nor delayed”

“It is a fraud to conceal a fraud”

“The contract makes the law”

“Silence shows consent”


Special Note: From the very first communication to the last within this completed case file it will be shown as claimed that enormous corruption has been exposed requiring action.

i, have and continue to move said truths into the light as this ONE CASE insures the people of this great country are given knowledge quickly with a solution in order to restore our PUBLIC courthouses and country to common law from a corrupt society [parasite] called the ‘BAR’.

Please remember these maxims above when reading or listening to all communications.


Intro Video Manary Case


Brent & Kathy Interview Edited


OPP Trespass