A Warrior Calls





i, truly wish this tab did not have to exist…

However, the facts show massive work as laid bare, with much more to come is JUST the beginning to expose, educate and fight this corruption.

My relentless pursuit for truth spanning 20 plus years while stepping up to help people involved with corrupt courts, justice system…i, let speak for itself as this site will show…. and my families enormous sacrifice.

At no time did i ask for a single dime…it’s not about money… it never has or will be…which frustrated my family but they didn’t leave me time and time again when it was needed because i wouldn’t leave YOU!

i, hope people understand the depths of ‘20 years’ going thru this…it would destroy most people in months never mind years…but I’m not like everyone else…i, was built for this moment and for this fight.

So, i propose to my fellow man or woman who are awake and wish to wipe out this corrupt system foist upon mankind of a $3 to $5 monthly donations for one year [welcome large donations as well]…as this will insure required financial resources and this evil is brought into the light.

We must come together not for ourselves in the here and now but for all of humanity…our children’s children futures also depend on TRUTH.


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Please use the following email awarriorcalls@outlook.com to send your donations and join with me standing shoulder to shoulder to fight what is before us and our world… God speed in our actions.


DONATE directly via eTransfer

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