A Warrior Calls

Ottawa Fight For Freedom

Videos related to enormous truth now seen by the world from Christopher James.

This Truth’s time has come!

Make the effort to support this historic action and keep it going until we surround a public courthouse and stop all this evil worldwide…

The people in Canada are showing the world!


 Message To All Truckers And The World (Feb. 19th 2022)


Christopher James Rocks Ottawa & Our World – MAIN STAGE (Sun Feb 6th)


Christopher James Rocks Ottawa & Our World (Sat Feb 5th)


Dr. Daniel Nagase To Ottawa Cops


Daniel Bulford Speaks From The Heart


Great Speech Archbishop Viganò




RCMP TRESPASS Destroy Private Property


Solution For Police Worldwide


Another Cop Stands In Truth


Integrity From A Cop


Brian Denison Address To Police


The People of Alberta Ride Out


Corrupt Police Assaulting an Old Man (for honking his horn)