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Core C-19 Docs

We have left the Core C-19 Docs page intact on it’s own but relocated the videos to another page. You can go directly to the Core C-19 Page by click on this link. And for the latest videos related to the Vaccine (that is NOT a vaccine) you can click on this link here (LINK n/a at the moment). We have the Hard Evidence Videos on that page as well.


Our Videos Since The Beginning

The videos that have been compiled since the CoVID-19 Lie began in North America in early 2020 can be seen via the following links below. Each page has the next page link at the bottom of it.

Covid-19 Lie Page 1
Covid-19 Lie Page 2
Covid-19 Lie Page 3
Covid-19 Lie Page 4
Covid-19 Lie Page 5
Covid-19 Lie Page 6
Covid-19 Lie Page 7
Covid-19 Lie Page 8
Covid-19 Lie Page 9
Covid-19 Lie Page 10
Covid-19 Lie Page 11
Covid-19 Lie Page 12


Covid-19 Related

Christian Drosten – The Fraud Behind PCR Testing – LINK

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier – PDF

This Must Go Viral To Every MLA – PDF

Australian Police Claim Fraud – PDF

Building the Canadian Shield – The Canadian government’s plan to deal with the lie – PDF

A letter from a police officer – December 2020 – PDF

Does the 2019 coronavirus exist? – PDF

COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is confirmed! – PDF

An MPP letter to a LCBO regarding Masks – PDF

A SARS COV-2 Story – PDF


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