A Warrior Calls

James Russo

James Court…

The following documents and video represent recent court filings and a recent court appearance. All documents and related videos can be found under the Russo Case page.


April 6 2022 Notice Registrar Court File No. 380999210270 redacted

April 8th 2022 Jane Carpenter – James Court Filing Final redacted

April 8th 2022 Attachment to above – Ministry of Attorney General Response – No records of rules of civil procedure PACKAGE-redacted

April 8th 2022 LTA Redacted

April 11 2022 James Court Claim Filing redacted

April 11 2022 James Court Exhibit package

April 11 2022 Confirmation


December 9th 2021 James Court Filing: Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit

December 9th 2021 James Court Filing: Statement of Claim

December 9th 2021 Confirmation

December 12th 2021 James Court Filing: Exhibit Package


APRIL 11th 2022 Part 1 – Covid Truth / James Court Filed


APRIL 7th 2022 – Genocide And Barratry Is Occurring


Jamie Russo In Court (NOV. 1st, LIVE STREAM)