A Warrior Calls

We The People Taking Action

Here is a template for taking action: Word Format. Document should automatically download to your downloads folder after clicking on the blue link. See filings below.

A Message Of Hope


Filing by: Virologist Christine Massey, with a support group of about 50-60 people, files an Evidence Package in Peterborough, Ontario (at OPP Station – file #PB21034159). All documents, photos and a video of the event is available at this page on her website.

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Filing by: Leon Geng of McHenry County IL. Previously directed to Patrick D. Kenneally [acting State’s Attorney]; Matthew G. Goodman [acting Assistant State’s Attorney]; Eric T. Seeleman [acting Assistant State’s Attorney]; Norman D. Vinton [acting Chief of the Civil Division in the State’s Attorney’s Office]; Bill Prim [acting Sheriff]; and Peter Austin [acting County Administrator] via FOIA: ID # 75028 on 09-30-2021; #75126 on 10-14-2021; #75474 on 12-13-2021.

Filing by: The People Of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A group of 180 people gathered and filed documents with the Saskatoon Police. Documents related to Saskatoon Police File# 2021-104338 will be added when they are received from them.

Filing by: The People Of Sudbury, Ontaio

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Filing by: Bruce Cranch (Vancouver, BC). Filing with the Solicitor General of British Columbia and the British Columbia Police Service Corporation.

Filing by: The People Of Cyprus. A filing by a large group of people from The Republic of Cyprus and served on the Attorney General of Cyprus and All Members of the Police Service Corporations.

Delivering the documents…

Explaining the documents…

Filing by: Angela Terwogt (New Minus, Nova Scotia). Filing with Kurtis KAMOTZKI, Inspector (officer in charge, Kings District) RCMP. FILE NUMBER 2022-36338.